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All of these installations are either currently active or
have been active for at least one year.


Parc du Futuroscope, Poitiers, France

Parc du Futuroscope features unique ways that images reflect the imagination. Innovative architecture houses many modern forms of the moving image. The Cinematrix attraction, entitled Ciné Jeu, now joins an impressive group of attractions, providing the only group controlled computer generated interactive experience. Participants can play their choice of a variety of games daily. The park offers other wonderful experiences for all ages on beautifully landscaped grounds.

"People of all ages from many countries enjoy these games. It is the latest in technology, but everyone is at the same level."
Patrick Besenval, President, Les Productions du Futuroscope.


EPCOT, Millennium Village the Brazil Experience,
Orlando, Florida

People played two fun games using the Cinematrix interactive technology, with content created by WDI.This new exhibit to the park featured exhibits from many countries with lots of family fun.

"The Brasil game is the biggest smash hit in the whole of Millennium Village. Everyone loves it and the cheering can be heard throughout the Village."
Todd Williams, Director, Walt Disney Imagineering


The Millennium Dome, Play Zone, Greenwich, England

The Play Zone had a theater dedicated to interactive play using the Cinematrix system called Kinoetic Adventure in Europe.

"Everyone is talking about the interactive game, "Dogs and Cats". It is exciting and fun to play with the other people. They all have a good time."
Peter Higgins, President, Land Design


"The Bug House Bug Battle", Hollywood Masonic Temple,
Hollywood Blvd. - next to the El Capitan Theater

"The Bug House Bug Battle" ran in a dedicated interactive theater as a featured element of Disney's Hollywood installation during the first six weeks of the film's release.

"Our Bug House Entertainment Center needed something special that would give the people something to do relating to the film, "A Bug's Life". Bug Battle is perfect and has been a big hit. Word has gotten around and people are asking for it. We're thrilled."
Melissa Radke, Manager Special Events, Buena Vista Pictures


LAVA of Hamburg, Germany

LAVA, Hamburg's innovative multi-media company, has spearheaded the use of Cinematrix in Germany, providing interactive experiences throughout the country. Crowds have had a rollicking good time with this new form of entertainment for numerous events including openings of the Star Wars Trilogy in Cinemaxx Theaters.

"The Cinematrix Interactive Entertainment System gets people to loosen up amazingly. We were part of the grand opening for the Cinemax Theater in Hamburg. It was a very big deal with the mayor, many other dignitaries, everything. No one was sure if they would allow themselves to have fun, but they did. The interactive event was a huge success."
Jens Bley, President, LAVA.

Carnegie Science Center

Buhl Planetarium, Carnegie Science Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    A Journey Into The Living Cell was created through a National Science Foundation grant in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon University and Cinematrix. The multimedia edutainment experience plays daily.

"In education it's very important to get the children involved. It's not good enough for them to just sit and watch and listen. They need to do something. The use of the Cinematrix Interactive Entertainment System worked beautifully for the children and adults."
Paul Oles, Assistant Director for Omnimax,
Planetarium & Observatory, The Carnegie Science Center

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