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"The Brasil game is, by all reports, the biggest smash hit in the whole of Millennium Village. People cheering can be heard throughout the entire village. Everyone loves it, from the executives of Disney World and Walt Disney Imagineering to the Brasilian cast members to the guests themselves. I've heard that many come back to play 2 or 3 times."
-Todd Williams, Art and Project Director, Walt Disney Imagineering

 "This is the interactive experience we've been looking for. Our clients were thrilled with the Cinematrix game show segment. After the show, I was told repeatedly that the Game Show was their favorite part."
-Frank Ward, Executive Producer, Altered Image

 "A smashing success! Once again."
Mac McNally, Executive Producer, Caribiner

 "It was a good feeling. You could hear the crowd especially enjoyed it. There was a great feeling that you were together with the crowd."
Helga Swartz, local participant Linz, Austria

"When searching for new exhibits for Parc du Futuroscope, I want something that will be a good experience for all the people who come to the Parc from France and the other European countries. The experience needs to start with where their lives are at the present moment and take them into something not quite so ordinary.

'The Cinematrix interactive experience has done that. Everyone loves it. All ages laugh and have a good time. It brings people together. We’ve been running the shows all day long for years now and the system has been flawless."
-Patrick Besenval, President du Director, Les Productions du Futuroscope

"Journey Into the Living Cell” was the first immersive interactive planetarium show of an educational nature that used CINEMATRIX Interactive Entertainment System®. It has been presented at the Carnegie Science Center's Planetarium in Pittsburgh for the past two and a half years...remains popular among school groups after a widely acclaimed public showing...[and] performed flawlessly the entire time, a remarkable achievement as we were running show after show daily on the second or "beta"system produced."
-Rob Fisher, Senior Research Artist Director, "Journey Into the Living Cell” Project, STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, Carnegie Mellon University

'The CINEMATRIX Interactive Entertainment Systems® is much more than an entertainment and motivational device. An emerging field of science, called Complexity, is revealing the common properties of all living things. One of these properties is the ability of living systems to self organize and generate emergent solutions that are greater than the sum of the parts. 'The Cinematrix simulation allows an audience to experience the power of their collective intelligence first hand. This is a powerful tool for awakening an organization’s members to the untapped potential that lies within their grasp."
- Richard Pascale is an internationally known lecturer, writer and consultant. He is an Associate Fellow of Templeton College, Oxford University and Visiting Scholar at New Mexico’s Santa Fe Institute.

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